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Chakric System Healing Activation

Find your self-awareness and discover the magic of your soul's purpose.

✺ Do you feel lost on your journey to self-awareness and mastery?

✺ Do you find you're not disciplined enough for daily practice but wish you could be?

✺ Are you ready to challenge yourself to kick start building new habits that last?


I combine energy healing with mind alignment in this channelled audio to encourage daily practice and help you harmonise your mind, body and soul. 


The Chakric System Healing Activation will shift procrastination and empower you to know your own energy whilst focusing on grounding and protection. 


A new habit takes between 21 and 250 days to settle in our cellular memories, so committing to this process for 21 continuous days paves the way for changing other patterns in our lives.


✺ Kick start motivation for daily soul-aligned practise and creativity?

✺ Say goodbye to those feelings of misalignment and find out why you feel the way you do

✺ Discover your great mission and the destiny you are here to achieve

✺ Ground and protect to claim back your inner goddess power 

✺ Feel in control of your emotions 

Guidance Email

Once you have completed your purchase, please enter your email to receive your guided Chakra System Healing Activation instructions:

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