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Energy Healing Services


Ready to take a deep dive into the emotional and mental layers of your body? 

With the following services, we create a safe space for you to shine a flashlight into areas that have been hidden; locked away that are causing physical pain and holding you back from achieving holistic wellness. 

I provide the key, and you courageously expose and validate the emotions needing to be felt and heard. During integration, we extract the wisdom and heal the wounds, bringing them home to love.

Akashic Alignment

The Akashic Record is where all our lifetimes’ information is stored. The Akashic record is a library of details that we can access and release any old energy that may be holding us back. It reveals our place of origin and highlights the patterns and cycles you’ve been experiencing within your current lifetime. You’ll be given tools to transmute these wounds back to their original frequency.

Lost to Liberated 1 to 1 Mentoring

Are you ready to Ignite The Flame? 


This is serious transformational work for those who have had enough of life going around in circles! This 12-week programme includes angelic healing transmissions, channelled guidance, akashic alignment, clearance and realignment, meditations, accountability sessions and much more! By committing to and doing the deepest energetic healing work.

For private clients who require 1 to 1 support.

A consultancy program tailor-made to suit the needs of the individual.

Angelic Healing

This holistic transmission is the ultimate spring clean of your fields and creates a refocused mind space. It's pure; it's renewal and freedom coming at you from the inner planes. With this remote method of multi-dimensional healing, any entity influence or stagnant energy can be removed, making energetic space across your five body systems of the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Auric fields. 

Angelic Oracle Cards

Oracle card read with Intuitive Guidance Includes emailed guidance for future reference. You will also be sent The Golden Chakric Activation Meditation.

Origin Connection Crystals

Adults and Children alike can become very scattered in their energy, which presents a range of emotions that sometimes feels uncomfortable. Whether your child needs help to ground or you are embarking on inner child healing, this infused crystal session connects you to the energy of your soul home. 

The Sacred Family/Child 

Designed to address any challenges happening within the family, or children, we take a look at how ancestral patterns play a part in our behaviour.


I create a loving and accepting environment for you to process your current situation especially if you feel like you cannot cope and there is no one else to turn to.

Taking all circumstances within the family into account, we can observe and find out the deeper meanings within your current story. Intuitively, I will assist with strategies to help you move forward, challenge your current mindset and beliefs around parenting life, and offer a new perspective when it comes to navigating everyday exchanges within the family dynamic. 


These sessions intend to cultivate an understanding that surrounds the unique behaviour of your children, and the exchanges in your relationships with family and friends.


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