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I offer energy healing and consulting services to support you holistically



With over 15 years of experience within the spiritual and metaphysical healing industry, Shelley creates a safe place for her clients who have chosen to work through their challenges, making space for transformation. 



Angelic Reiki International

Akashic Alignment International 

What are my clients saying?

"Everything that happened was very synchronistic as I was having some health issues just before Shelley had asked me if I would like to take part in Akashic Healing as a case study for her course. I was in terrible pain and twice had to visit A & E. 

So, the day before my Zoom appointment with Shelley I had to take Codeine which is something I have never done before but I was desperate. The very next day I woke up after a very good nights sleep and noticed to my surprise that the pain had gone.

The most interesting part, in particular, was how Shelley could tell me at what percentage my chakras were operating. That part was quite relevant because of how our past lives can affect our chakras."


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